Why CholesLo Isn’t A Scam?


choleslo scamThere have been some reports lately, particularly online in some articles and some reviews made by people with vested interests that are advocating CholesLo as a scam. There is nothing such as a CholesLo scam. It isn’t a multilevel marketing program or a product that asks you to invest a fortune in exchange of nothing. CholesLo is a health supplement, an over the counter medicine that is aimed at lowering your cholesterol levels.

Considering the price at which CholesLo sells and what the company instantly dispatches and delivers, it doesn’t make any financial sense to refer to the product as CholesLo scam. With many health supplements and over the counter medicines, some competitors always come up with propagandas that try to tarnish the reputation of a brand.

CholesLo might not be a very old product but the company that makes the bottle has been in business for more than a decade. Thus, it is not a product that has appeared from nowhere like a bolt from the blue. The parent company, HFL Inc, is a trusted brand and has all the requisite certifications that a health supplement manufacturer should have. The whole speculation and arguments about CholesLo scam is interesting because the certifications that HFL Inc has is only available with less than 5% of all companies that make over the counter medicines and health supplements.

HFL Inc has had ‘A’ ratings from NPA and GMP for more than a decade now. These organizations have a stringent registration and certification procedure and very few companies manage to get such an accreditation. HFL Inc is an ISO 9001:2000 company and has been registered as a part of the NSF GMP 9000 program from 2006.

According to certification requirements of NPA GMP and NSF GMP, the facilities, manufacturing procedures, training and expertise of the staffs and the quality of the products manufactured by a company are tested and only then are the ratings awarded. The fact that HFL Inc has managed to obtain and retain ‘A’ ratings throughout its history to the present establishes their credibility and you can expect nothing but the best products from such a company.

Also, the facilities of HFL Inc are audited by and registered with the US Food and Drug Administration. The company is not only licensed to manufacture and sell over the counter pharmaceutical products but never in its existence has there been a single case of selling something that is wrongly represented.

Not only do these credentials negate the propaganda of CholesLo scam but also reiterate the quality of CholesLo as a remedy for high cholesterol.


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